Meltdown City

"For every person with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, generalized anxiety disorder or PTSD, there will almost always be someone in their lives who loves them. And it’s fair to say that their suffering is as real and true as the person with the mental illness." —Chris Curry

In his article, Loving Someone with a Mental Illness, Chris says "the principles of cognitive based therapies apply quite perfectly when figuring out how to love someone with a mental illness. Be compassionate, non-judgmental, non-confrontational, do not assign blame, express empathy and be available. ..."

We agree with all of this ... on a not-so-bad day. But what about the anger you feel on a really bad day? The sadness? The utter frustration and exhaustion?

Reminder: You are a human being. Therefore it is a given that you will experience some emotional meltdowns. Because an emotional meltdown means you're feeling something. The expectation (yours or someone else's) that you can handle this with grace every moment of every day is, quite frankly, absurd.

So you have another massive meltdown. Good for you. We'd be worried if you weren't because this is REALLY hard. 

But the reality is that you just can't unpack and live in meltdown city. You have to get back on track and shake it off.  So how do you pull yourself out of it?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Walk away. Far, far away.
  • Taking time for yourself to do what YOU love.
  • Hang with your own therapist.
  • Confide in YOUR support people
  • Scream into a pillow.
  • Meditate. 
  • Throw inanimate objects at other inanimate objects.
  • Exercise (HARD) to get those good endorphins flowing. 

As with everything related to mental illness, walking away, shaking it off, and finding balance is ALL easier said than done. But having some ideas is a good place to start. We'd love to hear some of your tricks to shake the emotional meltdown. Comment below or email us


Abby Downing

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