Our Story


Circa 1985, Abby’s and Jamie’s paths crossed. It was preschool. And the beginning of a shared love for dancing and dressing up.

They both grew up in Hendersonville, NC, and attended rival high schools. In the fall of 1999, they reconnected on the University of North Carolina campus. It was in Chapel Hill—surviving a painfully difficult economics class, three apartments, roommates, theme parties, spring breaks, dive bars, and life—that they cemented their BFF status.

Jamie majored in psychology at UNC, and then earned her Ph.D. at UNC Greensboro. Abby studied advertising & design at UNC and followed that up with two inspiring and intense years at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA.

Two weddings, a baby (#2 on the way), and seven cities later, they are hoping their life experiences, education, and compassion will shine a light for those affected by mental illness—and not just patients or should-be patients.

Jamie's scientific training and Abby's creative background may seem like an unlikely mix, but they actually make a lot of sense together. This skill combo helps them to present science creatively, with a mix of personality, lots of realness, and compassion.

Read more about Abby & Jamie's professional backgrounds here.



Abby Downing

Abby Downing. Creative director, freelance designer & happy hourer. Lover of beautiful things, big dogs, crayons, Carolina blue, brilliant thinking, daydreaming and happily ever now.