Story Submission

The whole premise of the Well-Being Project is to empower and support anyone loving someone with a mental illness. We want all of you strong, tired, amazing people to know you are not alone, and you aren't crazy for thinking this is really damn hard. Your stories, feelings, hopes and fears will resonate with so many people and will be greatly appreciated. Who knows ... maybe we'll turn them into a book one day (with your permission, of course!) 

We only have a few rules:

  • The post can be a story/thought/stream of consciousness/poem ... it doesn't matter what form it takes as long as it is written from the perspective of a support person—anyone loving someone with a mental illness. 
  • All mental illnesses (addiction counts) are fair game. As are all relationships (child, parent, spouse, sibling, friend, coworker ...)
  • We want the stories to be REALLY real. And honest. And whatever other emotion you feel is necessary ... humor, anger, sadness, relief, fear. Own all of 'em!
  • Your story can be anonymous or not. Whatever you want. You tell us. 

Thank you for sharing. And thank you for your honesty. For the record, we think you're pretty badass for being a strong, loving, superhero-like person in the midst of sucky mental illnesses. 

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